Tool and Big Blade Sharpening Services

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Tool & Oversized or Non-Traditional Blade Sharpening Services

Mail or Ship your Tools, Machetes, Axes, Swords, Paper Cutters, Lawn Mower Blades and other non-knife blades in from anywhere inside of the continental US (does not include AK and HI); make sure you save your tracking (we take responsibility for your blade the moment it arrives). Once it gets to our shop space I will give it the Crazy-Sharp-Edge treatment.

Note: Blades of this nature can be improved but are often much softer steel than a knife blade. They can also be expensive to ship because of weight. We highly recommend that you call and/or email pictures prior to sending them.

What is the Crazy-Sharp-Edge treatment? Much as it sounds...your blade is first brought to a true edge on an electric slack belt. Some blades forgo this step depending on the type of blade and the existing edge inherent to the blade. Some blades require manual honing devices or more coarse or delicate stones (custom and antique blades, big soft impact use blades). From there the burr on the blade is removed and a detailed hone is applied using a fine ceramic crock or depending on the blade other very fine stones or laps. Greatness comes from years of practice. We are used to sharpening 50 to 100 knives in a day and some un-imagined weird non-knife blades. Each blade will receive careful and individual care. Most big blades in this category are what we lovingly call "beaters" rather than "biters," meaning they are a softer steel made to take a lot of impact with the edge retention as a secondary attribute. They can still take an edge. Axes are a good example of this.

Where many sharpening services use a wheel to polish the edge (for a mirror like surface applied primarily for cosmetics), the focus of the Crazy-Sharp-Edge treatment is not to create a cosmetic edge but instead a toothy fine cutting hone that will retain its cutting utility for as long as the quality of your steel will allow. Please contact Cascadia Cutlery directly if you plan on sending rare and custom blades, before sending them...probably want to slap some extra insurance on those on the way here. This is especially true of antique swords.

Contact me in advance if your knife is going to require significant rust or cosmetic restoration (email pictures to Please also contact us prior to sending your blade in if you have custom grind requests or cosmetic blade clean up outside of the standard Crazy-Sharp-Edge. That kind of restoration can be arranged. This service does include basic tip reshaping if you have a broken tip (if your blade is broken in half, you should be looking at your warranty and not this service). This service does include hand sharpening on serrations at no additional cost. This service guarantees as good an edge as your blade can take. This service does not include dis-assembly or mechanical repair of your blade or device. It is an edge service and we also have no interest of voiding your warranty. This service does not include cosmetic alterations or full rust restoration of your blade. You need to call first if we are doing an antique restoration.

This is not a service for the hopeless...send in a blade with great steel and your blade is destined for greatness. Send a ten dollar hardware-store-special for service and it will come back to you improved and with as good of an edge as it can take. I have restored some weird blades that were in some rough shape...your blade likely has life left in it.

Please include your Name, Address and Phone number in the special instructions of the check-out page (even better if you want to email it to me with tracking so I can anticipate your blade). Include the number of blades being sent and the type of blades with a good description (ie Cold Steel Machete, Roman Gladious, Garden Loppers, Benchmade Bad-Axe). Please include the same information on a neatly written or typed note inside the box you send the blade in. Note that padded envelopes are not a reliable or sturdy enough packing for most blades and usually arrive empty. USE A REAL BOX! Put packing around smart about your packing so the blade is not cutting its way to freedom on the way to Cascadia Cutlery's Crazy-Sharp-Edge Treatment. We do not accept COD packages (post must be pre-paid on your end getting it here).

$40 generally covers return shipping of EACH oversized blade being sent inside the Continental United States (does not include Alaska and Hawaii) and the sharpening service itself. Note: it is advisable to call and/or email before sending these kinds of non-knife blades, as we reserve the right to request additional funds for shipping and services on blades sent without such prior contact. There is another product page for traditional knives. This is a special service for those who require more substantial steel choices in life. Don't be afraid to ask. No job too big!

Please address all packages too:
c/o Nolan Kidwell
330 E Berkeley St
Gladstone, OR 97027