Integrity Implements Pathfinder CS 1095 High Carbon Steel with G10 Scales

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The Integrity Implements Pathfinder CS #1 of 001, with certified content USA 1095 High Carbon Steel and Red, White & Blue Micarta, combines the extreme function expected from a Jay Gebelin blade with an artistic elegance that knives from few other brands can boast of. No Laser, Water or Plasma Cut. This hand worked, forged fixed blade comes with a Gebelin snug fit Kydex Sheath with signature hand worked eyelets. This classic outdoor/tactical blade comes an almost 1/8" spine and 9.25" blade, 14.5" overall. If you want a unique lifetime field and trail knife for your next outdoor adventure, hunting trip or battle pack or all around homestead tool, this is your chance to own a custom knife with a lifetime maker's warranty (covers the function of the knife for the life of the knife). If you are looking for a do-everything, near machete or short sword, fixed blade that is both beautifully unique and functional, look no further.

This is a unique hand worked blade, #1 of 001.