Valavian Edge Craft Gladius Fighter Sword Set with Leather Shoulder Harness

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Valavian Edge Craft Gladius Fighter Two Sword Set with Leather Shoulder Harness & Sheaths

This set represents some of the best of Valavian's earlier works. There is nothing fantasy about this hand made set. This pair of Assassin worthy Double Swords are made from high carbon 6150 spring steel 1/4" thick the blades are 19.5" long, 2.75" wide and 27.5" overall. The 6150 steel runs full through hardened, with triple temper welded a36 steel guards, leather sacked and steel spacer handles are measured out and balanced, stag crown hand carved lions in matching sheaths are incorporated to fit into a double shoulder harness or fit a bet separately. Heat treated and tempered for battle, this fully functioning sword set is beautifully finished with an acid etched overlay relief that really shows nicely when they are moving. Perfect balance & heft makes the pair of swords a pleasure to wield with a rig that is easy to shrug on as trouble shows up or you need to make a little trouble.

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