Cascadia Points Survival Arrowheads

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There are many things you can make for yourself in the wild to survive if lost, especially if you have a good knife. You can make a bow & arrows in the wilderness but it is hard to create a proper arrowhead.

Cascadia Points are a three pack of unique arrowheads linked together on para-cord ready for your survival gear or survival pack. Each set come with a Classic Arrowhead, Side-notch Arrowhead & Split -prong Fishing Point. These AdamPaul Designs arrowheads are made from 1095 high impact, high carbon steel, heat treated & tempered by Integrity Implements and hand ground and hand finished by Cascadia Cutlery in Oregon, USA. The set of heads weighs just under two ounces including the para-cord tie. Cascadia Points are ready to be attached to even the most rustic sapling as a projectile point for a spear or makeshift arrow using the unique side notch system that are compatible with most zip ties or good old fashioned string or twine. Great for a beginners bushcraft project. No need for flint knapping.

*These are a hand made bespoke item, we are making no claims to function, as the use will vary according to the end user and their skill to fashion this into a usable survival tool. They are dangerous by nature in that they are sharp. 1095 steel will rust if left untreated or exposed to moisture, so store them appropriately.

Length: 3" (Classic), 3.5" (Side Notch), 4.25" (Fishing Prong)
Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Rockwell: 60-62
Weight: 1.8oz (.50 to .70oz each)