Cascadia Coracle Boats 12lbs Canvas and Wood

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Cascadia Coracles are an ancient style, hand made, bespoke boat for the modern outdoor enthusiast or adventurer. Perfect to put in a hatchback vehicle and take to a mountain lake, river or urban canal. Roughly 3.5 feet wide and 4.5 feet long this hard bottom elliptical basket style boat only weighs about 12lbs and can be easily carried by its rope sling across the shoulders like a turtle to nearly any aquatic venue. This rustic little boat rides high in the water (great for shallows), on its woven wood lathe and hand stitched canvas hull (finished in water-tight boat epoxy) crowned by a simple plank style seat. Tested up to 300lbs passenger, good for one adult or two children. A single wooden paddle (included) controls the boat primarily with a figure eight motion in the water, although you will find a number of strokes that will propel this little boat into the middle of a lake in no time. These make for a great grab and go day on the water or even a relaxed fishing platform. Given the ultralight weight construction, these hang nicely on the wall in a cabin or garage. Hike this to your secret lake; these little boats are fun.

This is a Northwest hand built take on a boat style that goes back hundreds of years. Though still used today around the world, there are accounts of the Romans using Coracles to ford rivers. The Cascadia Coracle is closest to what is still used in Wales (UK) to net fish from and for water sports. These are not the answer to a boat made for speed or efficiency of motion. That said there are similar basket boats used all over India and other parts of Southeast Asia as primary water craft for river transport and fishing. Rumor has it that these were popular for avoiding bridge tolls in Victorian times.

Each Cascadia Coracle is made to order with approximately a 9 to 10 month lead time for delivery. Call for availability, as we sometimes have a couple already constructed if you have limited custom needs, and want a boat ready to go. Cascadia Coracles are built using old world techniques and though solid built the wooden lathe and light weight nature of the boats do require a certain amount of care entering the craft.  With proper care this can be the perfect unique boat for the water enthusiast that already has everything else.

The base price on the Cascadia Coracles are $800 delivered locally in the Willamette Valley, the Oregon Coast or the Bend area, and depending on customization, can range up to $1200. Schedule to pick up in person. Hand Built and designed by Joy Kidwell, each Coracle is unique and one of a kind.