Benchmade 1101-2 Carbide Tipped Aluminum Tactical Pen in Black with Black Ink and Nib

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The Benchmade 1101-2 Aluminum Tactical Pen with Carbide Glass Breaker Tip in Black with Black Ink and Nib was originally designed with Law Enforcement in mind as nearly 80% of all attacks on individual Patrol Officers are while they are writing tickets. Both textured grip and cap offer a great compliance device for anyone who is looking for a high impact defensive tool. Cap snaps shut as well as onto the back when open. The Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge ensures great performance as a pen, writing upside down, under water and on wet paper. One of our best selling gifts for both women. Just like the standard model but with the Hardened Carbide tip.

Length: 5.25"
Color: Red
Ink Color and Nib Color: Black
Diameter: 0.20"
Material: Aluminum W/ Carbide Tip
Weight: 3.20 oz.