Shipping Questions?

This is not our terms and conditions page, but simply to clear up any questions you might have. You can call or email us any time if you are not sure.

503-505-2567 -

We ship based on the method you choose at check out. These are very general choices on the check out page. Why don't we offer NEXT DAY as a choice at check out? Well, it is really expensive (as much as the item being purchased sometimes) and they are regionally specific. If you want special shipping, packaging, signature required, then you should contact us directly to place your order. All of these things are possible, but be aware can be costly and would be added to your grand total.

Also be aware that if you are purchasing a large or unusual item such as Viking Axe, we may contact you if you do not select an adequate shipping option for what you purchased. You will also note that we do have handling and packaging included in the shipping fees at checkout. This is because of the nature of these products...We cannot have sharp pointy objects cutting their way to freedom in route to you.

The Goal of Cascadia Cutlery is to get your purchase to you, undamaged, in as economically sound way possible. Let us know how we can improve your experience.

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