About Us

Cascadia Cutlery is a dealer of Premium Blades and Edge Sharpening services.

Cascadia Cutlery is closing at the end of September 2022. Feel free to contact us at 503-505-2567 or email at cascadiacutlery@gmail.com

You can find out lots more about the brands we support (ie Benchmade) or the Crazy-Sharp-Edge treatment by navigating other parts of this site. This page offers a little more personal view of my background, journey and views on all things edged.

I have been sharpening knives professionally for about 20+ year. I started while managing someone else's cutlery store and was trained by a brilliant man named William Hughes (I miss him since his passing) to service everything from kitchen knives and pocket knives to garden tools and machetes to fine hair shears and scissors. I later began doing mobile service for restaurants, butcher shops, bars, fancy hotels and private chefs. I am used to sharpening as many as 50 to 100 knives a day. There are few talents that God gives us that I think any of us could brag much about, but I can sharpen a blade to a Crazy-Sharp-Edge.

At one point I owned and later sold my own restaurant and then butchered for about a year after that. I like to cook. I learned to do that mostly from my Grandpa, Mom and a bunch of Home Economics classes (thought it might be a good way to meet girls, but that didn't work). I also managed a book store for quite a while because I'm a nerd and love to read almost as much as I love knives.

More recently I spent 10 years to the day working as Customer Service/Account Manager for Benchmade Knife Company. I did something unprecedented within their organization; I quit to become one of their Authorized Dealers.

My Grandpa once told me that you should always carry a knife...I think he may have been talking about a little smaller knife than my EDC (Every Day Carry), which is often a Benchmade 710. Still, it baffles me how so many folks go through life relatively bladeless. Sure I have light carry days, such as my Benchmade 535 Bugout (1.80oz) for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on the river with my Awesome Wife Joy (25 yrs) and my dog Jack. My wife and I sometimes play a game while watching television called something like "how short would this plot have been if they had a pocket knife?" You might try it some time...What if she had thought to have a small folding knife in her purse when the calamity befell her? What if he had even the most basic little gentleman's knife when his neck tie got caught in the elevator door? Who even goes into the woods without a knife? I always have a solid fixed blade on my pack. There are several custom makers that are supported here on the Cascadia website. The Valavian Edge Craft Scout is one of my favourite fixed blade hiking knives. I carry an Integrity Mini-Kaiju in my knife sharpening gear bag for tight spots.

I believe there is a right blade for everyone. The perfect kitchen knife for each person and each task. The right pocket knife for EDC...the right fixed blade for a hunter or hiker and the right tactical tool for those that help push back at the things in our world that threaten our safety and freedoms.

What is Cascadia? It is a non-existent country...really more of a concept that arose from the concepts of freedom and secessionism when this country's Civil War was raging. It was meant to be the answer to: What would the Northwest do if the confederacy won? At the time it was likely that California and probably Texas would become nations of their own. So plans were drawn up for a sustainable country running roughly from the from Northern California up through Oregon, Washington, Idaho and some of Canada to comprise the Nation of Cascadia. I'll let you go look up more about it on the ever reliable Wikipedia if you are really curious. Today Cascadia is a growing regional idea. It is also now the name of the big earthquake fault line that runs through most of the Cascade mountains. For me it is the rainy north woods of where I grew up and an idea of freedom as I strike back out to run what I hope to make one of the premier knife dealers in the Northwest United States.

Help end Bladelessness! Buy the best pocket knife you can afford & then carry it.

Sincerely,Cascadia Cutlery Nolan C. Kidwell (Founder)