Work Tuff Gear

WORK TUFF GEAR are some of the most impressive production fixed blade knives I've seen in the blade industry. Their blades have the function, fit & finish of a Small Batch Custom Maker. This is largely because Vic Lynn hand picks designs from great custom makers who are end users of their own blades. Want to be pleasantly surprised about how great a knife is again & again? These are as solid a production blade as you will find.

Work Tuff Gear by Vic Lynn:
 When did you start Work Tuff Gear, and what caused you to start the company?
I started Work Tuff Gear 6 months before my first blade show in 2018.  I spend a lot of time watching how Jeremy from Simple Little Life making the knife from scratch and knowing what type of tools did he use for making a knife. I also watched a lot of videos from John Grimsmo since he was one of the YouTuber who started making the knives from the CNC machining process.  From watching what he did, I see a different level of knife-making techniques, that was one of the reasons I bought my first CNC machine in the same year and started learning to program and making jig and fixtures.  Also, I purchased my first 2x72 belt grinder in the same year and did a lot of practice learning how to use the tool properly.

Who are you? Where did you get your start in the knife industry? (are you an outdoorsman, hunter, hiker, etc.)
When I graduated from the cal state San Bernardino back in 2005, I returned to my home country and served the army service for a year and a half.
Right after my military service completed, I started working for the family business, in which we were doing several different types of cutting tools for the construction industry.
I didn't have a mechanical background, so everything seems to be new for me.  I started with some basic jobs such as working in the assembly line, and that's how I started learning about manufacturing processes such as the blanking process, heat treatment process, and so on.  After a year of working in the assembly line, I changed my position. I started working in the office and handling the export business, and that allows me to travel around the world for the shows, and that's where I start getting involved with outdoor-related products. During my years in the colleague, I did lots of outdoor activities, such as snowboarding, skating, and mountain biking, to outdoor camping. Etc, so I am always like to challenge myself on the things I like, and that's probably the reason I decided to start making a knife since the knife is an essential tool for being outdoor.  

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