Valavian Edge Craft

Valavian Edge Craft is the forge works of Jeremy Boulder Valentine specializing in real user blades made for true end users that are both visually impressive as well as built for performance based applications.

This is best reflected in his own words describing his journey:

I got interested in making knives when I was a small kid. My brother and I discovered a knife my father had built as a young man and I started drawing my own knives. I lost the bug to build when I graduated high school and did the whole wander through life thing. A few years ago I got lost while hunting and spent 3 days lost when I finally got out of there I had a new appreciation for paracord and well made knives... The knives I had with me were horrible and they had all broken, so i decided to make myself a indestructible knife and I was reminded that my father had made a nice knife.  I started like many others and made a very simple blade and my grinds were okay. Then EVERYONE wanted one so I started designing and making and now 5 years later here we are VALAVIAN EDGE CRAFT LLC.  My goal is to make quality, overbuilt knives that are aesthetically pleasing and maybe just a touch out there. I make some huge blades, some EDC style blades and everything in between. -Jeremy Boulder Valentine