Reclaimer Blades


My name is Brent Vance, a knife maker based in West Virginia. I started working on knives in early 2018. At first it was a small setup of cheap tools and heating up blades with little propane torches as a hobby, and now it has grown into a larger, proud second job. Everything in my shop is completed by me, with no outsourcing except for special exceptions. My method is primarily stock removal from high quality bars of steel. The style and focus when designing knives is overbuilt, tough as nails designs that can be abused beyond what people usually expect from the average knife, yet still be practical. I barely consider myself a leather worker, but I know enough to ensure every knife I make has a rugged, fitted sheath to accompany the knife throughout it's lifespan. In my personal life I am with a lovely woman who is the mother of our two young kids, and she occasionally helps with my business when and where needed. I'm a huge video game and movie guy. My work is sometimes inspired by games like Halo and movie series like Star Wars.