LIFER KNIVES by Bryan Wages

The Lifer Knives Philosophy - every knife created in this shop is built to endure a lifetime of punishment - these knives are lifers.  

Established in 2015 by self-taught knifemaker Bryan Wages, Lifer Knives features hard-use blades that at times can seem more tool than knife.  At his shop based in Eugene Oregon, Bryan works with a variety of heavy-duty steels to craft hardy blades that can take a beating. His preference for using the incredibly tough A2 tool steel is apparent in his painstakingly researched and finely-tuned A2 heat treatment protocol.  Each knife is handcrafted using the stock removal method and occasionally features Bryan’s homemade phenolic handles, primarily burlap micarta.  Kitchen, camping, combat, hunting or fishing - wherever your knives take abuse, Lifer Knives blades can stand up to the punishment.

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