Integrity Implements, custom knives by Jay Gebelin, Forged in Passion, are some of the most Bad-ass knives that we have ever really...if you want something different...functional...a little have arrived at your destination. They have an almost otherworldly look, Orchish or Dwarven perhaps, but built in the toughest, most functional way imaginable...yes, all made in a dedicated smithery in the woods of Forest Grove Oregon. Jay infuses a passion for quality in his blades that verges on a healthy obsession. Unstoppable thick blades, impervious proprietary finishes and a fusion of imagination with both modern and ancient techniques set these blades apart from the redundancy of production knives. The kind of stuff you would expect a hero, in a book, to carry in their gear. Each knife is a one of a kind blade. Because these blades are so unique, we feel it is best to simply sum them up with Integrity Implements' own description:

Synergy arises from the melding of multiple streams of sensory. The look, the feel, form and function all being streams that make an item more than just an item. We will work with you to design the items you need with context specific to you and your purpose.

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